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A successful discussion of migration in the Korea-Australia relationship

On May 27, 2022 KARP hosted its first of four roundtables focused on how specific aspects of the Australia-Korea relationship can be improved through a deepening of people-to-people links. May's roundtable focused on migration, and involved participants that have migrated to Korea/Australia themselves, as well as experts on Korea-Australia migration.

The online discussion, involving participants from across Korea and Australia, tackled both the positives and negatives of life overseas, with the goal of compiling a number of policy recommendations that are grounded in the actual experiences of people negotiating migration as Koreans in Australia and Australians in Korea.

The outcomes of this roundtable will be published in a policy report scheduled to be released in 2023, synthesising results from all four roundtables.

Stay tuned for KARP's next roundtable, focusing on energy and environment links between Australia and Korea, scheduled for mid-2022. More information here.

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