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Agriculture and Food Security

25 November 2022

About This Event

The third KARP roundtable on agriculture and food security was held in November 2022 to discuss the importance of people-to-people exchanges that underpin agricultural cooperation. It brought together Australians and Koreans involved across the agriculture relationship, including cattle farmers, Koreans who work on Australian farms, mayors of regional councils, agricultural scientists, exporters and importers, government officials and more to discuss how people-to-people cooperation and understanding can be fostered.


This policy brief summarises the key discussion points from the roundtable. It focuses on how the two countries can make agriculture a more prominent focus in the wider bilateral relationship, including sister city partnerships, labour migration, product and national branding, value-adding processes, food safety cooperation, and science and technology collaboration. The report offers policy recommendations that can broaden the perspectives that inform how Australian and Korean governments at the national, state, provincial, and local levels approach agriculture cooperation.

Download the policy report from this roundtable:

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Online Roundtable

26 November 2022

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